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At the Wandoan Camel Races we run a Cash Jackpot Raffle called Moo Poo Lotto which sees

our Kindy raise up to $5000 from this one initiative.


So how does Moo Poo Lotto work? Moo Poo Lotto sees a maximum of 500 square plots

available to purchase for a price of $20 each in the lead-up to the Wandoan Camel Races.


50% of the proceeds from tickets sold is then used as the prize pool. For example, if all 500

tickets are sold, the prize pool will be $5000, however if 250 tickets are sold the prize pool will

be $2500.


To determine ticket holder ’s plots all tickets are then placed into a draw to decide who gets

what plot, then the FUN begins on the day where a cow is lead into the Moo Poo Lotto

Arena at 3pm. Basically wherever the moo ‘poos’’... wins. If by 6pm, the moo has not ‘pooed’, all

tickets will be placed into a draw to decide who wins.


The great thing about Moo Poo Lotto is that ticket holders do not have to be present at the

Wandoan Camel Races, so it is a great way for extended family members and friends to

support our Kindy and fundraiser.


Moo Poo Lotto

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