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We will have a local courtesy bus running all day from camp sites & in town to the showgrounds.
The route and times will be posted online here and on socials closer to this years event. 


from miles & taroom to the races

There are convenient and affordable bus options available for attendees of the Wandoan camel races who are traveling from Miles or Taroom. For those coming from Miles, there is a bus service that operates during the event, allowing passengers to travel to the races and return later in the night. The cost for this round trip is $30, making it an accessible option for racegoers. Similarly, individuals from Taroom can also avail themselves of the bus service that runs to the Wandoan Camel Races and back on the same night. The $30 fee ensures that transportation is both reliable and cost-effective for those wishing to enjoy the festivities without worrying about driving or parking.

Miles to the Camel Races & Return. Pickup @ 10:30AM at ANZAC Park
Return leaving Wandoan Camel Race at 10PM & 11:30PM

Taroom to the Camel Races & Return. Pickup @ 10:30AM at Leichhardt Hotel.
Return leaving Wandoan Camel Races at 10PM & 11:30PM 
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