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This year the Moo Poo lotto is back thanks to our friends at (insert sponsor here). Purchase a ticket and go in the draw to win up to $5,000! The more tickets show the BIGGER the jackpot! 

Terms & Conditions:
1. A maximum of 500 Square plots are available. 50% of proceeds of tickets will be used as the prize pool. For example, if 500 tickets are sold the prize pool will be $5,000, however if 250 tickets are sold the prize pool will be $2,500.

2. All tickets will be placed into a draw to decide who gets what plot. 

3. Wherever the moo 'poos' wins. If by 6pm, the moo has not 'pooed', all tickets will be places into a draw to decide who wins. 

4. Where the moo poo crosses multiple plots, the plot with the majority of the poo will win. The decision will be made by an independent judge and it will be final.

5. The cow will be led into site at 3:30pm at the Wandoan Camel Races  October 7th, 2023. Ticket holders do not have to be present on the day in order to collect their prize.

All proceeds go towards the Wandoan & District Kindergarten.
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